» » Voro: My position will be the one attached to the General Directorate

Voro: My position will be the one attached to the General Directorate

13.05.2017 - 11:05 от forwad Клуб, Команда, Тренер
Voro: My position will be the one attached to the General Directorate

"Valencia" coach Salvador Gonzalez 'Voro' has appeared in a press conference ahead of Saturday's game against "Espanyol".

Voro began the appearance by sending his condolences to Jesus Barrachina, a person who has been vice-president and counselor, "I knew him personally very well, it is a pity, he was a person endearing and amusing, of which they leave a mark."

About Marcelino has commented that: "We have been successful, is a coach with much experience, his teams play in a way that goes very with his philosophy, after two difficult years I think it is a successful signing, his teams compete well and get good results. From here I want to wish him the best of luck because the best for him will be the best for us too".

About his new role in the club Voro said that: "Mateu told me that the club had thought of a role, working alongside the General Manager, Mateu Alemany, and contribute my experience and my knowledge of the club, to be able to help all the decisions are the best possible, some things remain to be done but we do not worry, I am happy.

This is a very important function, I feel recognized, supported by the club, it is to be thankful for that position with the Director General and with ample functions in terms of giving my vision. I'm proud that the club counts on me to help, It's important that they trust me",
- added the coach.

On the name of his office, he commented that he is "Attached to the General Directorate, although I do not know how to call it, the name is the least. There are two parties left, I would have time to see that".

He also spoke about his time at the helm of the Valencian bench, "The situation is what it is, it has been a very difficult crossing, especially the beginnings, after the results in the Cup, but in general, despite the fact that the season Is to celebrate nothing was overcome and forgot".


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